Meridian's Environmental Commitment

We are proud of our dedication to reduce waste in our landfill.

Plastics are a highly valuable material that play an essential role in modern economy, however they can be very harmful when simply thrown away or left in the environment. In landfill, a plastic bag can take anywhere from 10-100 years to degrade, where sunlight, air and moisture are scarce. Outside of landfill, plastic waste is harmful to the environment, wildlife and even humans. But when plastic is recycled properly, it is a resource that can be used to benefit both our economy and environment.

95% of our scrap plastic is recycled in house.

The Meridian Way

At Meridian, we are proud to recycle 100% of our plastic waste. Scrap plastic is fed through our recycling machine in-house to revert back into plastic pellets for use in non-food grade applications. This means we are able to re-use our plastic waste for good and avoid it ending up in landfill.

We are proud to deliver innovative and affordable products and solutions that won’t cost the earth. Meridian is the smart choice for a sustainable future.

Our Commitment To Supporting Renewable Energy

At Meridian we take our commitment to the environment seriously and proudly do whatever we can to create a sustainable future for everyone. Our factory roof is made up of 190 individual solar panels which create almost 60 kilowatts of electricity. On a sunny day we are able to produce enough electricity to run our entire factory, while adding excess power back into the grid. Each year we produce between 80 and 90 megawatt hours which equates to a reduction of greenhouse emissions into the environment by 60-80 tonnes. Overall, our solar panels provide us two thirds of the total daytime energy required to run our factory each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What different colours can you produce?

We can produce almost any colour in opaque or tinted colours as required.

Can you print on the plastic?

Our printing press can print up to 5 colours, within certain size parameters.

Is your plastic suitable for food packaging?

All of our products are suitable for food contact. Our plastic is manufactured using 100% virgin food grade resin, with the exception of some non food grade applications that we can use recycled material to make.

Is your plastic recyclable?

Yes! All of our plastic is recyclable. Most of what we produce is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) with a recycling code of no. 4

Do you keep plastic bags and rolls of polytube in stock?

No, as every job is customised we don’t keep stock on hand

Do you have a price list or catalogue?

Unfortunately no, as every job is customised and every customer requires something different.

What type of plastic products do you manufacture?

Our blown film extruders produce flexible packaging, which are products such as polytube, bags, sheets, sleeves, centrefold etc.

All of Meridian’s products are proudly made in Australia. We are Australian-owned and operated and therefore, can guarantee a fast and reliable turn-over.

Why Meridian?

With 35 years of industry experience, Meridian are the trusted experts when it comes to high quality and affordable custom packaging solutions. We are passionate about consistently delivering excellent service and high quality products at a fair and affordable price. As a local Australian business, we offer a fast turnaround so that our clients’ businesses can thrive.

Martin has spent the past three decades working exclusively in the plastics manufacturing industry and has dedicated his entire career to mastering the art of manufacturing quality plastic packaging products. Involved in every step of the process, Martin’s attention to detail alongside his passion, dedication and expertise prove to be an invaluable resource when it comes to customising packaging for your business.

“I have dealt with Meridian Plastics since their early days when they started out in the 1990’s. Over that time I have always had good reliable service, as well as the staff being courteous whenever I have placed orders with them. I would recommend Martin’s product and services to potential clients.”
– Judy
“Meridian Plastics has provided material for our company for many years. During that time I have found them to be polite & professional. Their product is always of a very high standard and we value their expertise & manufacturing experience. I feel confident in calling on them at any time & look forward to a continued working relationship with Meridian Plastics.”
– Evol
“Meridian Plastics has supplied our company with quality bags for more than 20 years. Martin and his team have continually provided a superior product in a professional, courteous manner, and with a commitment to diligent, principled business practices.”
– Amanda