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All of our products are made locally in our Brisbane factory in Bethania. We extrude, print, convert and recycle all in-house and under the one roof.

recycling process

Our Recycling Commitment
We are proud of our commitment to help reduce waste in our landfill.

Plastic Recycling

100% of our scrap plastic is recycled.

Scrap is fed into our recycling machine and reverted back into plastic pellets for use in non-food grade applications.

The result is a huge reduction in our waste that in turn means less plastic waste in landfill.




Solar Installation 

Solar Panels   Solar Inverter


Supporting our commitment to the environment, Meridian Plastics have installed the largest solar system possible at our premises. We produce between 80 and 90 megawatt hours yearly, saving approximately 60-80 tonnes in reduced greenhouse emissions. Our solar system produces 100% of our power needs on a sunny day and averages 2/3 of our total daytime energy needs over the year.

Meridian Plastics are always researching ways to improve our processes and our products. Innovations that can advantage our clients and cause less environmental harm and even be beneficial to our environment will always be investigated fully and implemented wherever possible, without sacrificing what we deliver to you.



Manufacturing custom flexible poly packaging for your industry.
All of our products are made locally in our Brisbane factory.

We extrude, print and convert all in-house and under the one roof.

With over 35 years experience, we can assure you of professional and personalised service that begins with your first enquiry through to the delivery of your product.