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All of our products are made locally in our Brisbane factory in Bethania. We extrude, print, convert and recycle all in-house and under the one roof.

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Types of Polytube
Manufacturing a variety of polyethylene plastic tube for all types of industries.

Polyethylene Plastic Tube

Polyethylene tube, or polytube is a continuous length of extruded film that is wound onto a roll. Small pellets of low density polyethylene (LDPE) virgin food grade resin are fed into our extruder to create polytube through the process known as “blown film extrusion”. 

For heavier weight polyethylene tube products medium density (MDPE) or high density (HDPE) can be used.

We specialise in manufacturing smaller sized tube and can custom make polytube anywhere from 50mm wide and upward and can print or colour to promote your business or product.


What is Polytube Used For? 

Our polytube is used by customers for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Wrapping
  • Packaging
  • Protective Dust Covers
  • Mining Geological Samples
  • Bunting (Single Wound Sheet)
  • Tree Guards


Types of Polytube



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Blog: Um - How Thick Does My Plastic Packaging Need to Be?

We measure the thickness/gauge of plastics in micrometres (or microns) and its symbol is μm. Choosing the correct gauge for your packaging is an important step in the process. Too thin can result in damage to your product. Too thick and your product will not be displayed to its full potential.

Meridian Plastics understand you take pride and care that your product meets a particular standard. Let our experts guide you on the most suitable packaging for your needs ensuring your product has adequate and appropriate protection, without compromising on display.

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"Meridian have been supplying our Company with poly tube and poly bags now for a couple of years. Martin and Anne provide exceptional service and the quality of their product is of high standard. We highly recommend Meridian." ~ Sharon Kennedy
Manufacturing custom flexible poly packaging for your industry.
All of our products are made locally in our Brisbane factory.

We extrude, print and convert all in-house and under the one roof.

With over 35 years experience, we can assure you of professional and personalised service that begins with your first enquiry through to the delivery of your product.