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All of our products are made locally in our Brisbane factory in Bethania. We extrude, print, convert and recycle all in-house and under the one roof.

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Why Buy Local

Meridian Plastics is proud to be an Australian Made and Owned local manufacturing company, but what does this really mean?


A Brisbane based family business; we understand our local Australian industry better than anyone else.   We work to strict Australian Standards and know the quality our customers expect.  When you deal with Meridian, you are speaking direct to the manufacturer rather than a call centre or middle person.  With easy access to the owner and operator, you can be assured that your instructions and specifications are not lost in translation at any point along the way.  So too, we are just a quick phone call or email away if you have any questions – you will not need to wait days for a response or have to concern yourself with allowing for different time zones.


Servicing our local area gives us greater flexibility in the way we deliver our product to you.  We understand that sometimes last-minute changes are needed or even last-minute orders.  Being in the same city, state or even just in the same country as our clients means we have more leeway to service clients in a shorter timeframe and any last minute changes have a much longer cut off point than if we were located, even in part, overseas.


Our customers appreciate being able to rely on us to deliver optimum quality every time.  Having our raw product sourced locally means that we do not experience the delays in shipping that can occur when even part of a process is sourced from an overseas supplier.  That reliability also extends to when we ship our product to you – there are less steps involved between a local manufacturer and their local client so therefore shipping times are reduced and with that, the margin for error is also reduced.


As a family owned and operated company, we enjoy offering a more personalised service.  For example, why not arrange a tour of our factory and see exactly how our processes work and take the opportunity to ask questions about any steps whilst having the answer demonstrated to you?  Then be rest assured of how we can deliver a consistent product time and again.


There are many and varied advantages to our immediate local and the broader Australian economy when you use a local manufacturer.  Aside from the direct savings to you with delivery free on most orders (dependent on order size and location), we also purchase locally.  With all our manufacturing done onsite, we also employ local people to produce your packaging.  Being local has the added advantage of not needing to impose large minimum order quantities, which in turn we hope eases the pressure on your own business’ cash flow.  

Want to know more?  

Get in touch with us at Meridian Plastics and find out how we can help you to get your product out to the marketplace with a minimum of fuss but with all of the personal service our customers have come to expect.